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    Freenaturalcures.org is a very valuable web site for many reasons. We have written from the own experience and there can be no better recommendation for practice than that. The web site contains a wealth of information for both the layman and the expert and is one that every serious health seeker should own. Both traditional physicians and alternative practitioners alike will find it a rich source of information for both prevention and healing. There has been a huge increase in the popularity of complementary medicine in the past decade; the most popular therapies being herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture.

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    The web site is written from the point of view of giving the reader a number of alternatives to choose from for their particular condition. At the same time, these options are underpinned with sound nutritional and supplemental recommendations. This is good naturopathic practice. One of the tenets in naturopathic medicine is that the person is treated and not the condition. Some people are going to respond better to homeopathy than they will to acupuncture, for example. We are all different, yet the basic raw materials that we need are the same. Here the reader can safely use the various modalities that suit them best. In addition, they can increase food and supplements that provide the necessary vitamins and mineral that may be lacking for their particular condition. This a truly holistic approach that not only serves to address the immediate or acute problem, but fosters a way to maintain our valuable health and alleviate chronic conditions.

    Prevention is a word that is tantamount to natural healing and we are hearing more about this, as the idea that trying to fix something after it is broken is largely both ineffective and costly. We probably spend more time and money on our cars than we do on ourselves; expecting our bodies to keep ‘running well without maintenance’. Our health care system are buckling under the strain of having to ‘fix’ too many patients, many of whom could possibly have enhanced their treatment through augmenting complementary therapies.

    In some health care systems, there is a growing demand by the public (as borne out by numerous surveys) for complementary therapies to be included and that they will be incorporated into the primary health care system. Indeed, some hospitals have set up complementary health centres to meet this demand and perhaps the future of complementary medicine will be in the primary health care systems.

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