Digestive Disorders

    Digestive Disorders

    Digestive disorders are often linked with stress, the main effect of which is nervous block, which slows the disposal of ingested food, causing a range of symptoms: bloating, heaviness, slow digestion, sleepness after meals, burining stomach pains, belching, flatus, pain of varying severity, spasm. Echography and endoscopy allow the causes to be seen clearly, aiding an accurate diagnosis, but the classic treatments offered, though increasingly effective, have not in the least detracted from the usefulness of complementary remedies.

    The Mouth: Bad breath, bad taste – Mouth ulcers.

    The Digestive tract: Stomach pain and heartburn – Difficult digestion – Food poisoning – Nausea, vomiting – Gut pains – Problems with wind (belching and flatulence) – Diarrhoea – Constipation – Colitis.

    Liver and bladder: Hepatitis – Bilious attack – Gall bladder pain.

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