Skin Problems

    Skin Troubles

    The skin is not simply an envelope for the body, but is an organ in its own right, with several functions: the protection of the body from outside attack, the maintaining of body temperature, the elimination of toxins through sweat and sebum, as well as a fundamental sensing role via its million of nerve endings. Our skin reflects our general state of health, looking radiant when we are well, and unhealthy when we are ill or under stress. It is an organ visible to others, and may in certain cases (such as acne or psoriasis) be accompained by relationships problems that only compound the underline anxiety. The skin is also an outward sign of social status, as the importance of a tan will testify. We will try any number of beauty products and medical and surgical treatments to try to masks the skin’s tell-tale signs of ageing, as we try to hold back the idea of our own mortality.

    Acne – Eczema – Psoriasis – Cold sores (herpes simplex) – Warts and verrucas – Burns – Shingles – Heavy perspiration – Hair problems – Nail problems .

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