Joint Problems

    Back, Spine and Joint Problems

    The human body is a marvellous mechanism, an assemblage of 206 bones bound together by joints, held in place by tendons and set in motion by muscles. But these delicate components wear out, seize up, become swollen and eventually make their presence felt through pain or malfunction. Stiff neck, lumbago, sciatica and degenerative osteoarthritis are terms we all know and fear. Patients often find the medical treatment currently offered (such as anti-inflammatory medicines or injections) to be too harsh or simply unhelpful and come to fear and avoided them. Natural therapies -especially osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, mesotherapy but also oligotherapy and herbal medicine -are an excellent alternative, or the ideal complement, to orthodox medical treatments.

    Back pain – Osteoarthritis – Osteoporosis – Tendinitis – Sprains – Muscle cramps .

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